Cocktails, Beer & Wine

Infusions and shrubs are made in house.


Autumn Toddy
Spiced apple shrub, bourbon, and lemon
Hazelnut Martini
Monopolowa, Tuaca, and Frangelico. Shaken and served up.
Cucumber infused tequila, fresh lime, and pineapple juice.
7th Ave Waverly Sling
Green tea infused vodka, ginger shrub, cucumber, mint, and soda.
Free Mason
Ben Franklin’s Dark Rum, orange, and ginger beer.
Rhum Barbancourt, and fresh citrus. Shaken and served up
Bow Street
Jameson Irish Whiskey, ginger shrub, and orange bitters.
Sauza Hornitos and Compari, shaken with fresh grapefruit.
Marion Mule
Marion berry infused bourbon, fresh lime, and ginger beer.
Bombay Royale
Bombay Sapphire, basil, lime, and fresh grapefruit.


Glenmorangie 10yr. Highland $10.00
Balvenie 12yr. Doublewood Highland $11.00
Macallan 12yr. Highland $11.00
Glenlivet 15yr. French Oak Highland $11.00
Oban Western Highland $12.75
Glenrothes Vintage Reserve Speyside $10.50
Glenkinchie Lowland $10.75
Laphroaig 10yr. Islay $10.25
Talisker 10yr. Skye $12.00
Lagavulin 16yr. Islay $13.75


Johnny Walker Red $7.75
Johnny Walker Black $8.75
Dewars 12yr. $8.50


Jim Beam $6.75
Bulleit $7.75
Makers Mark $8.00
Woodford Reserve $8.50
Knob Creek $8.25
Blanton’s $10.25
Stein $8.50
Beer Barrel $8.50


George Dickel 12 $7.25
Jack Daniels $7.50
Jim Beam Rye $7.25
Bulleit Rye $8.00
Sazerac Rye $8.75
Pendleton $8.00
Stein Rye $8.75
Rittenhouse Rye $7.75


John Powers $7.75
Tullamore Dew $7.50
Bushmills $7.50
Jameson $7.50
Redbreast $10.00


Sauza Gold $6.75
Sauza Hornitos $7.50
Patron Silver $9.50
Don Julio Anejo $10.25


Courvoisier VS $7.75
Hennessey VS $8.25
Grand Marnier $8.75
Clear Creek Pear Brandy $9.50
Clear Creek Oregon Brandy $9.50


We rotate our taps often, so you will have to ask your server, or check the board for today’s selection.

You can view the taplist or follow us on Twitter for Tap List updates


Bottled – Bitburger-Drive (NA, bottle) $3.25
Rainier (16oz. can) $3.25
Seattle Cider semi-sweet (16oz. can) $5.50
Cascadia Ciderworkers United dry (16oz. can) $5.50
NA IPA $3.50


Wine and region price glass/bottle
Chardonnay, Disruption, Washington $7.25/$15.00
Pinot Gris, Pike Road, Oregon $7.25/$14.00
Sauvignon Blanc, Hedges, Washington $8.25/$16.00
Rosé, Barnard Griffin, Washington $7.75/$16.00


Wine and region price glass/bottle
Altos de la Hoya, Olivares, Spain $7.25/$15.00
Rob’s Red Blend, Barnard Griffin, Washington $7.25/$14.00
Malbec, Altos Las Hormigas, Argentina $7.75/$16.00
Cotes du Rhone, Delas, France $8.75/$17.00
La Siréne Pinot Noir, Elk Grove, Oregon $10.50/$22.00


Wine and region glass price
Brut, Montparnasse, France (187ml) $7.50
Cava Brut, Conquilla, Spain $18.00
Prosecco, Jeio, Italy (187ml) $8.00
Prosecco Garbél, Adami, Italy (375ml) $14.00
Porto Tawny, Ramos Pinto, Portugal $7.00


Natural White Wines

Wine and region bottle price
Vouvray, C&P Breton, France $28.00
Pinot Gris, Cooper Mountain, Oregon $18.00
Ile de Beaute Blanc, Yves Leccia, France $34.00

White Wines

Wine and region bottle price
Chardonnay, Heron Wines, California $17.00
Chardonnay, A to Z, Oregon $19.00
Riesling, von Winning, Germany $21.00
Cristo Irresisto Rosé, J. Christopher, Oregon $20.00
Bordeaux Blanc, Haut-Rian, France $14.00
Pazo Barrantes Albariño, Marques de Murrieta, Spain $22.00
Grand Ardéche Chardonnay, Louis Latour, France $18.00
Rioja Blanco, Bodegas Muga, Spain $17.00
Pinot Bianco, Alois Lageder, Italy $18.00
Gavi di Gavi, Enrico Serafino, Italy $21.00
Vin Soave Classico, Inama, Italy $20.00
Albariño, La Cana, Spain $21.00
Chenin Blanc, MAN Family Wines, South Africa $14.00

Natural Red Wines

Wine and region bottle price
Poulsard Vieilles Vignes, Tissot, France $39.00
Pinot Noir, Amity, Oregon $29.00
Bourgueil Trinch!, C&P Breton, France $29.00
Ile de Beaute Rouge, Yves Leccia, France $36.00

Red Wines

Wine and region bottle price
Involuntary Commitment, Andrew Will, Washington $23.00
Subduction Red, Syncline, Washington $27.00
Cabernet Sauvignon, Route Stock, California $21.00
Orion, Masseria Li Veli, Italy $16.00
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, La Velentina, Italy $18.00
Barbera d’ Alba, Enrico Serafino, Italy $19.00
Celeste Crianza, Familia Torres, Spain $20.00
Syrah, Faury, France $27.00
Chianti Rufina, Selvapiana, Italy $21.00
Monastrell, Sierra Salinas, Spain $17.00
Valmoissine Pinot Noir, Louis Latour, France $18.00
Sangiovese, Caparzo, Italy $14.00
Beaujolais, Domaine Dupeuble, France $23.00
Pinot Noir, A to Z, Oregon $24.00
Momentum, COR Cellars, Washington $24.00
Fronsac, Château Beauséjour, France $19.00
Camino de Navaherreros, Bernabeleva, Spain $21.00
Rosso Picceno Farnio, Garofoli, Italy $15.00
Veneto Corvina, Scaia, Italy $19.00
Barera d’Asti Tre Vigne, Vietti, Italy $23.00
Toscana Lagone, Aia Vecchia, Italy $21.00
Brickman Blend, Klinker Brick, California $17.00

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